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Our Story

Whisky production has been central to the way of life in this area most probably since the 15th century and certainly since 1897 when the first formal distillery on the site was established.

The Scottish Highlands.
The Scottish Highlands.

Full of stories, of open arms and warm welcomes.

Full of hidden depths and of the love of families spanning generations.

Full of what matters.

This is our home. This is us. This is our whisky.

Each one a memento of a passion and knowledge that only comes

from making whisky over several lifetimes.

Each one a toast to the very landscape in which we live, to our

community bonded by shared purpose and in everything we do.

Quite simply, our whiskies reflect us.

Always have and always will.

Tomatin. To what matters.

The origins of whisky production in Scotland
The origins of whisky production in Scotland
The origins of whisky production in Tomatin are hard to be precise about – prior to the opening of the formal distillery which operates today, there is reason to believe that whisky production, albeit illegal, has been an important part of life in the area around Tomatin since the 1700s.
Our story begins

In 1892 it was announced that the final route of the Highland Railway would pass through Tomatin. With this, local man John MacDougall, born and bred in Tomatin, began planning his distillery. The Tomatin Spey District Distillery was registered on 8th June 1897, however unfortunately it was closed in 1906.

It wasn’t closed for long

Luckily, the company was purchased by experienced wine and spirits merchants and reopened as the New Tomatin Distillers Company Ltd. in 1909, bringing the distillery back into operation with 2 stills capable of producing 225,000 litres of alcohol per year.

The recession of the 1980s saw the closure of several distilleries

But Tomatin’s closure in 1985 stood out from the rest. The majority of distilleries that closed at this time were deemed inefficient or outdated. Not only was Tomatin the largest and most efficient malt distillery in Scotland, but it was also was full of state of the art technology.

The new chapter.

As a result, it did not stay closed for long, and in February 1986 two Japanese companies, Takara Shuzo and Okura & Co., purchased the distillery to form the Tomatin Distillery Co. Ltd., of which Takara Shuzo proudly remains the majority shareholder to this day.

Brand expansion.

J & W Hardie Ltd becomes part of the Tomatin Group, bringing with it ‘The Antiquary’ premium blended Scotch whisky, widening our brands portfolio.

Quality over quantity.

We took the decision to remove some of our unused stills, reducing the total number from 23 to 12 (which remain in situ today) which marks the change in business focus from the mass production for the blended Scotch whisky market to growing our range of single malts.

Lightly peated spirit

Recognising the excellent quality of our lightly peated single malt which we had been producing for one week each year since 2005, the Cù Bòcan single malt brand is launched. Focusing on unusual cask maturations, this brand has gone from strength to strength.

The softer side of the Highlands.

A change in packaging and a new marketing style allowed the Tomatin Single Malt brand to truly shine and more accurately reflect its deserved place in the crowded whisky market. With a top class wood policy in place, Tomatin has become known for taking whisky lovers on an inimitable journey of age and cask maturations, each one bursting with flavour and unique characteristics while showcasing the classic Tomatin house style; unpeated, light, soft and fruity.

To what matters.

The world has been through a lot in recent years, and we continue to face uncertainty and unrest. But with the unity we have seen from our partners around the world, the devotion from our team and growing support from our loyal customers, we are reminded of what really matters. Our people matter. Our community matters. Our product matters. So we raise a toast to you from Tomatin. To what matters.

The latest from the Tomatin Distillery
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